Pros and Cons of DIY vs Professional Gutter Guard Installation

New gutter guards installed on a home in Southwestern Ontario

People often see eavestroughs simply as a way to move rainwater from their roofs and away from their homes. Few consider the implications of not having an effective eavestrough system or gutter guard installation. Truth be told, your gutters are a frontline defense against water seeping into exterior walls or damaging the foundation.

Although handy DIY homeowners may feel confident about how to install gutter guards, it’s important to know when to hire a professional. If you are experiencing debris and leaf buildups in your eavestroughs, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of DIY vs professional gutter guard installation.

The Pros and Cons of DIY Gutter Guard Installation

If you are considering a DIY gutter guard installation, it’s essential that you possess the necessary tools, skills, and help. Just like a gutter replacement, installing guards is at least a two-person job. Someone will need to hold a ladder at critical moments or pass materials up to the person on the roof. That being said, these are things to consider.

Safety Risk

A slip and fall during a gutter guard installation typically happen from the top of a ladder or edge of the roof. As someone who does not necessarily work in construction or home repairs, the average DIYer is more likely to suffer an injury.

Potential Mistakes

Gutter replacement and guard installations generally require hands-on experience to learn nuances. While a handy DIY homeowner can watch a YouTube video that provides step-by-step instructions, many of the important subtleties are omitted. Minor technical errors can result in expensive water damage to your home.


Manufacturer warranties can be something of a gray area when DIY homeowners conduct their own gutter guard installation. It’s crucial to ensure that products are covered for replacement even if professionals do not install them. If you know how to install gutter guards, you can rest easy knowing defective materials will be replaced at no cost.

The Pros and Cons of a Professional Gutter Guard Installation

In terms of DIY vs professional gutter guard installation, there is only one benefit to not hiring a specialist — upfront cost. A gutter guard installation company must cover overhead such as tools, equipment, transportation, insurance, and wages. But the average DIY homeowner benefits from working with an organization that focuses on eavestrough systems in the following ways.

Reduced Financial Liability

Hiring a certified gutter guard installation firm means workers injured due to an accident are covered by the company’s insurance. In a DIY situation, you could be liable for a helper’s injury and miss work if you slip and fall.

Expansive Warranties

Gutter product manufacturers often provide certified installers with select warranties. These may involve more years and cover seemingly minor damage or defects. But what the DIYer cannot purchase from a home materials outlet is a professional warranty. The best gutter guard installation organizations back their own work.

Avoid Stressful Mistakes

A professional gutter guard installation crew is trained to do this type of work. They perform the same tasks on homes across the region and have the knowledge to get the job done correctly. Their expertise helps prevent water from backing up into soffits, seeping into foundation cracks, and causing other types of property damage. Even if your insurance would accept a property damage claim, no one wants to deal with their home being under construction unnecessarily.

Offering Professional Gutter Guard Installation in Southwestern Ontario

At Home Service Solutions, we specialize in professional gutter guard and eavestrough installations in Southwestern Ontario. We are fully insured, offer installation and manufacturer warranties, and dispatch meticulously trained professionals to your home. If you are considering a gutter guard installation, contact us today.

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