Alu-Rex Gutter Guard Warranties

When you invest in gutter guards, you are truly investing in much-needed protection for your home or business. Of course, not all gutter guards are equal in terms of quality, longevity, and durability. However, at Home Service Solutions we stand by quality products and put our faith in only gutter guards from the most trusted product manufacturers. This is why we can offer a gutter guard guarantee when you trust us for the installation. Each type of gutter guard we offer comes with an extended warranty, so you can rest assured you are getting the best protection for your investment. 

DoublePro Microfiltration Continuous Hanger Gutter Guard
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Double Pro gutter guards are microfiltration gutter guards from Alu-Rex. These gutter guards do a great job of filtering out the smallest debris to prevent clogs, and is covered by an extensive warranty. When you choose the Alu Rex Double Pro, you get the 360° Lifetime Warranty, which includes a lifetime performance warranty, a lifetime sturdiness warranty, and a lifetime manufacturing warranty that states the guards will remain in good condition. 
The Gutter Clean system offers rain and water protection
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T-Rex gutter guards are the continuous hanger design from the Alu-Rex Pro Series. These seamless gutter guards are built to last. The T-Rex Warranty offers 40 years of clog-free protection. When you choose this gutter guard, you get a 40-year prorated performance warranty, as well as a lifetime sturdiness warranty on the hangers themselves stating they will not warp or buckle. 
The Gutter Clean system provides gutter protection and can be installed through Home Service Solutions
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Gutter Clean gutter guards from Alu-Rex are built to last with resilient aluminum structures that stand up to the elements. With the winter shield technology, Gutter Clean guards are perfect for areas that get a lot of ice and snow. These gutter guards come with the Gutter Clean Warranty, which includes a 40-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 40-year prorated warranty for performance that states the gutters will not clog. 

What to Expect from a Gutter Guard Warranty

The Alu-Rex warranty and products are considered to be industry leaders. Each Alu Rex gutter guard offers an extensive level of protection with a robust warranty, guaranteeing quality.

Find Out More About Gutter Guards for Your Property

Well-manufactured gutter guards can offer protection for your gutters for decades, but you do want the best brands. At Home Service Solutions, we would never recommend anything less than the best. Want to know more about installing gutter guards on your eavestrough? Contact our experts to get a free estimate today.