Our Home Maintenance Services

Certain elements of a home or business’s exterior need ongoing attention to keep them functioning and looking their best. At Home Service Solutions, you can relax while we deliver professional home maintenance services you can count on. With dedication to customer satisfaction and the industry knowledge to get the job done right, we help you maintain your property the right way. We offer a collection of home maintenance services, including gutter cleaning, gutter repair, and eavestrough installations.

Gutter Cleaning Services 

Healthy gutters, also referred to as eavestroughs, are a definitive sign of a healthy property. These roof-edge fixtures collect water from the roof and route it away from your home where it can be safely deposited. Without adequate gutter systems that are kept clean and free of debris, the gutters cannot do their jobs properly. Our expert gutter cleaners can tackle eavestrough repair issues and clean the gutters so they function as they should to keep your property protected from rain damage.

New gutters guards installed on eavestrough

Gutter Guard Installation

Gutter guards slip over the top of the gutter to prevent debris from making its way inside. These protective fixtures deter problems with snow, ice, pine needles, leaves, and other debris from clogging gutters to inhibit their functionality. Therefore, the installation of gutter guards is one of the most logical ways to protect the gutters and your home for the long term. Once our team installs the gutter guards, maintaining the gutter systems is also a much easier feat.

Trust Southwestern Ontario’s Exterior Home Maintenance Professionals

When it comes to home services and maintenance, trust the professionals to take good care of your property. For more information about home maintenance services as a property owner in Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas, reach out to our service team.