T-Rex helps rain gutters function normally throughout the year. An eavestrough that is clogged with snow and ice cannot work. When it rains or the weather warms up, water will seep into the house since it cannot be drained by the eavestrough.

When a rain gutter is clogged with leaves and debris, water cannot drain and automatically goes back toward your home or falls to the ground. Water will inevitably leak into roof and foundations. T-Rex prevents leaves and debris from clogging the eavestrough, keeping water from seeping into your home.

What our customers say about us

Mike Purvis
Was a little unsure about this one going in— the door-to-door canvasing, the quote that was less than half what I'd been told by other firms, and then a slight delay in starting work. Felt like the red flags were piling up. However, everyone we dealt with from HSS was honest, earnest and eager to please, and they stuck with the project (and their quote!) even after the job had stretched into its third day, clearly turning out to be quite a bit more work than anticipated. So thanks Gibson, Dan, and Brandon for the work you put in on replacing our downtown Kitchener century home's eaves; it was a nice treat stepping out on the front porch in the recent rain and for the first time not having it dribbling all over the front steps.
Cindy Wightman
Brandon was very professional and courteous. Fixed the problem right away.
Pim Vermeyden
Friendly and professional gutter installation - took care to get the details right and do the job right - very much appreciated!
Matthew Muresan
We had Home Service Solutions replace the gutters on our home. The service was great from start to finish. The staff that installed the gutters were great, friendly and happy to answer any questions. Can't really ask for anything else!
Mason Leite
They helped me with my Eavesdroughs as they were very old. Very communicative through the process and clearly had the best price in the market as I checked with another provider. Would recommend!
Sean Foo
Ryan and his team did my house last year. They are a great group of guys and the work was all well done. I will get them back to do the rest of the house this summer. Thank you Ryan.
Mathew Pearce
Amazing craftsmanship. Extremely friendly and helpful. So happy with the work that was done that I asked for additional work to be done to the exterior of my home. I can’t wait for the end results. The work was done on time. A home run in my books.
Dre’s Auto Detailing Inc
Ryan is top notch!