Gutter Repair

From ice build-up to heavy rain and loads of tree-fallen debris, the gutters on your property can go through a lot. Older eavestroughs or gutters that have not been properly cleaned and maintained can sustain damage, start to droop and sag, and even put your home at risk due to inadequate water runoff. In addition to our gutter installations, we offer gutter repair services in Southwestern Ontario to help you make sure your gutters are always doing their job to protect your home. 

Benefits of Regular 
Gutter Repair

Maximizing your roof’s service life

Eliminating outdoor hazards

Reduce home repair costs

Protects your home agaist damage

The Importance of Repairing Gutters 

Eavestrough repair is incredibly important to the functionality of the roof and to protect the property. The primary job of gutters is to safely route water away from the house. When gutters are damaged, water flow is changed or totally impeded, which can mean water drips down across the soffit and in places it shouldn’t be. Damaged gutters can lead to: 

  • Damages to the soffit that require soffit repair or replacement 
  • Water damage to the walls of the home 
  • Water streaming into the basement or around the home’s foundation 
  • Problems with mould and mildew that pose a health risk 
  • Issues with water runoff causing ground erosion around the home’s foundation 

Solutions to Common Gutter Problems

Leaking Gutter Corners

The seals at the corner of an eavestrough can break down with time. If the gutter corners are leaking, we remove the old seal completely and then add a new seal over the corner to ensure water cannot slip through.

Water Leaks Between Roof Edge and Gutter

If you see water spilling between the roof edge and the gutter, this can be a sign that the gutters are sagging, or the house has settled, and it has changed how the gutters connect. In most cases, re-securing and adjusting the gutters so they sit flush with the roof will mend the problem. However, we can also install a drip edge using flashing to keep water away from the fascia and flowing directly into the eavestrough.

Leaks Around Gutter Downspouts

Downspouts should be riveted to the bottom of the gutter and then sealed to prevent leaks. If you see water dripping around the downspout instead of through it, this usually means either a rivet is missing, or the seal is damaged. We secure the gutter’s downspout back in place properly and then add a new caulking seal to effectively keep water from leaking.

Trust a True Professional for Gutter Repair Services in Southwestern Ontario

Don’t delay getting the proper attention from qualified eavestrough repair services. From your soffits to your eavestroughs, we have the tools and experience to get your gutters back in working order. Reach out to the experts at Home Service Solutions to get the help you need with your ailing gutters.