T-rex Warranty


Alu-Rex has the best gutter system warranty on the market. Period.
Our T-Rex® continuous hanger systems will keep your gutter going strong and looking brand new.
What’s more, with a warranty on performance that promises your gutters won’t clog, you can be sure that Alu-Rex products will help you protect the most expensive thing you own—your home.


  • 40-years prorated warranty on performance:
    gutters installed with the T-Rex® systems won’t clog.
  • Lifetime sturdiness warranty:
    The T-Rex® gutter fastening systems won’t warp or buckle.
  • Lifetime manufacturing warranty:
    The T-Rex® gutter fastening systems will remain in good condition.
  • See warranty on back for full details.


  • Maintenance: you may occasionally need to sweep debris off the top
    of Alu-Rex products if the wind doesn’t. But it’s much easier than having
    to completely clean out your gutters several times a year!
  • Snow and ice: Alu-Rex products strengthen your gutters and protect them from snow
    and ice. However, removing snow from the roof is recommended periodically.


  • Nearly 20 years in the business and over 250 million linear feet of products sold around the world.
  • Next to no complaints.
  • And of course, the best warranty on the market. Period.


ALU-REX INC. manufactures the T-Rex® product line, hereinafter referred to as «the Product,» in accordance with high standards and quality controls.

Manufacturing – Subject to the following,
ALU-REX INC. guarantees the T-Rex® line for life to the owner of the residence at the time the Product was installed, that the Product is free from manufacturing defects under normal conditions, if installed according to our specifications. This warranty is limited by the terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations set forth herein.

Sturdiness – Subject to the following,
ALU-REX INC. guarantees the T-Rex® line for life to the owner of the residence at the time the Product was installed, that the Product, with the exception of the gutter, will not warp if installed according to our specifications. Furthermore, the Product must be screwed into the fascia board every 24″ (60 cm) using the self-sealing screws provided in the Product box. This warranty is limited by the terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations set forth herein.

Basic Performance — Subject to the following,
ALU-REX INC. guarantees, subject to reduction, according to the schedule provided below the T-Rex® line for 40 years to the owner of the residence at the time the
Product was installed, if it was installed to our specifications, that under normal conditions, the Product will prevent the gutters from clogging and overflowing due to leaves or small branches inside the gutter or downspout. Any opening exceeding the size of a perforation (7/64 sq. in.) at overlaps, corners, or other locations must be sealed at all times with screws or sealant or by other means. This warranty is limited by the terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations set forth herein.

Warranty schedule for basic performance coverage

Number of years between
the original installation date and the claim date

Percentage of the purchase price of the T-Rex® originally installed or percentage of the labour cost for cleaning, as needed, for which ALU-REX INC. will be responsible

0 to 10 ………………………………………………………………………..100%
More than 10 to 20 years……………………………………………….50%
More than 20 to 30 years……………………………………………….30%
More than 30 to 40 years……………………………………………….10%

This limited warranty, on the property on which the Product was originally installed and as long as you own the property. This limited warranty may be transferred only one time with the property. However, upon the transfer, the warranty period will be no more than on the original warranty.

You must notify us in accordance with the notice requirements outlined below, and we must validate the complaint. Upon the notification and validation, we will
undertake the following: if there is a defect in the manufacture of the Product, at our sole option, we will either repair or replace the product or refund the purchase price of the originally installed Product found to be defective. In the event we choose to replace the Product, we will only be responsible for providing materials, and will not be responsible for the cost of labor to install the new Product. In the event the Product fails to perform as stated, ALU-REX INC. will cover the reasonable cost of labor to clear any obstructions in the gutter or downspout caused by the failure of the Product
to perform and under the same limitation repair or replace the Product if required. We will not be responsible for any cost or expense to clear any blockage or obstruction which is determined to be the result of unusual conditions. In all circumstances, our
obligations under this warranty will in no event exceed the purchase price of the originally installed Product found to be defective. Any additional costs and expenses
beyond the purchase price is your responsibility. In the event of repair or replacement under this warranty, the warranty applicable to the replacement material or to the
repaired Product will extend only for the time remaining under the original warranty.


  • The gutter itself
  • Clogging caused by conifers
  • Damage of any kind resulting from faulty or improper installation
  • changes in surface color resulting from chalking, fading, chiping, cracking soiling or
    staining. Exposure to the elements may cause these changes over time; the degree
    to which weathering occurs will vary depending on air quality, the building’s location
    and other local conditions over which we have no control
  • accidental damage
  • damage resulting from excessive accumulation of snow or ice caused by poor roof
    ventilation of insulation
  • damage resulting from the acceleration of snow or ice due to acute pitched roofs or to the roof material (e.g. metal sheet)
  • structural shrinkage or distortion of the property
  • fire or other cause of building destruction
  • lightning, hurricane, tornado, windstorm,
    earthquake, hail or other acts of God
  • harmful chemicals (e.g. harmful cleaning
    compounds and pesticides)
  • surface deterioration due to air pollution
  • misuse or abuse
  • vandalism
  • airborne stains, mould and mildew accumulation
  • any cost or expense incurred to clear any blockage
    or obstruction which is determined to be due to
    unusual conditions
  • impact of foreign objects
  • black streaks (tiger-stripes) on the front of the
  • warping or distortion due to exposure to excessive heat sources (e.g., barbecue
    grills) or exposure to unusual or excessive reflective heat sources (e.g., skylight or
    window reflection, roofing materials, pools, decks, blacktop or concrete materials.)
  • products that have been painted or whose surface has been altered in any way
    without written authorization from ALU-REX INC.; or
  • any other causes beyond our reasonable control


  • This warranty covers genuine T-Rex® manufactured by Alu-Rex. It is your
    responsibility to verify that the Product installed is T-Rex®.
  • Due to normal weathering, replacement Product may differ in gloss and color from
    Product originally installed on the property.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue or change any design or color of any of our
    Products at any time and without notice or liability. If, for any reason, Products of
    the type originally installed are no longer available from us at the time you make
    a warranty claim, we may substitute another product determined by us to be of
    comparable quality and price.
  • There are no warranties on this Product other than as set forth in this warranty.
    We are not liable to you for a breach of any other written or oral warranties, such as
    those, if any, given to you by dealers, contractors, applicators, or distributors of the
  • T-Rex® is among the most efficient gutter protection systems available for residential
    applications. In most cases, normal debris is lifted away with only a gentle breeze.
    In sheltered roof areas or overhangs on shallow pitched roofs, debris may collect
    where air cannot lift away debris. You must occasionally clear these areas to keep
    ALU-REX INC. products working properly.
  • Direct contact of aluminum products with certain dissimilar materials, or contact with
    water run-off from dissimilar materials, is likely to result in corrosion. Accordingly,
    care should be taken during installation to avoid contact of aluminum with dissimilar
    materials including dissimilar metals (e.g. copper), concrete, stucco, asbestos siding,
    pressure treated/pre-treated lumber, roofing materials or roofing systems containing
    metallic granules or strips, or corrosive non-metallic materials.


You must submit your claim in writing to us within the warranty period and within a
reasonable period of time after the defect is discovered. Please provide the following
information: a picture and a description of the claimed defect and the date the defect
was discovered; the date of original installation; a copy of the invoice; the name,
address and phone number of the dealer who installed the Product and your name,
address and phone number. Claims should be sent to Alu-Rex Inc.,
2180 de la Rotonde Ave., Lévis (Quebec) G6X 2L8, faxed to
1-888-909-2248 or e-mailed at contact@alu-rex.com.
ALU-REX INC. will provide notification of any additional information and physical
evidence that may be required to process your claim.