Do New Eavestroughs Add Value to Your Home?

New eavestroughs installed on a home

If you want to maintain your property’s value, you may consider everything from painting the exterior to installing new windows. However, replacing old gutter systems may be an important step to take. It is no secret that a good gutter or eavestrough system serves your home well by offering water-related protection. The question is, do new eavestroughs actually add value to your home? Take a closer look at the answers you should know as a property owner.

Do Gutters Increase the Value of Your Property?

Gutters are a home improvement that does add to the property value, especially if the current system is ailing or unsightly. Even though gutters are primarily considered a fixture for a specific function, their purpose is multifaceted and extremely important. Further, gutter systems are one of the most visible elements of a home’s roof. When a home is appraised to determine its overall value, the gutters, how well they are working, and what they look like will all factor into the home’s overall value.

Why New Gutters Can Add Value to a Home 

New gutters add value to a home for several reasons. For one, if the gutters are in good condition, this automatically gives curb appeal a boost. Any prospective buyer would see the updated gutters when approaching the home, which sends the impression that the property is well-maintained. High-quality gutters don’t just look good; they also have a practical purpose that is highly important to any prospective buyer. 

Gutters also add value to a home if they are updated because modern gutters are created and installed using the latest innovations. For example, gutters with gutter guards don’t have to be cleaned every few months, which means easier maintenance for the homeowner. Lastly, good gutters are one of the simplest ways to prolong the roof’s lifespan. When gutters are not functioning correctly or are outdated, they can generate issues that put roofing materials at risk. 

How Old Gutters Can Devalue Your Home

Old eavestrough systems or gutters that are not properly routing water away from your home can lead to a host of problems which can quickly lower your home’s value, with issues being:

  • Water damage to the walls and interior
  • Basement flooding issues
  • Problems with the foundation
  • Damaged exterior siding or cladding
  • Issues with soil erosion around the house

If the gutters are in bad shape, there is a higher likelihood that the home will sustain some level of damage in the near future. This proven information could easily make your property less valuable in the eyes of a buyer.

Maintain Your Home’s Value with a New Gutter System

At the end of the day, a well-functioning eavestrough or gutter system is a valuable part of your home. If you are looking to repair existing gutters or replace eavestroughs to protect your home’s value, working with professionals as an Ontario homeowner is recommended. Reach out to Home Service Solutions for help today.

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