How a Clogged Eavestrough Can Affect your Health

Clogged eavestrough cleaned by a Home Service Solutions technician

Designed to collect water runoff from the roof, the eavestrough is an important drainage element to keep damaging moisture away from your home. Cleaning your eavestroughs to remove clogs is important to maintain your home, but did you know that a clogged eavestrough can also affect your health?

Unfortunately, the design of the standard gutter system’s collection trough also allows for the collection of debris, such as leaves, pine needles, and twigs. While it is recommended to have the gutters cleaned periodically, many property owners neglect the maintenance task because of its difficulty. When the gutters are not cleaned regularly, this can pose risks to the property and your health, increasing the presence of mould and other pests.

3 Ways a Clogged Eavestrough Can Affect Your Health 

Clogged Eavestrough Contributes to Mould in the House 

When water from the roof is not routed away from the house, this moisture has to go somewhere else. A clogged eavestrough does not allow the routing of moisture safely away from the house. Instead, rainwater can lead to moisture damage in the eaves and walls and even contribute to basement flooding. All this undue moisture can cause mould spores to collect and grow. Mould is related to a long list of health problems, including respiratory issues and damage, skin irritation, and more, making it extremely important to have your eavestroughs cleaned regularly by a professional.

Clogging Problems Leads to Eavestrough Pests

Clogged gutters are an open invitation to certain types of pests. For example, if the gutters become clogged with leaves and debris, rodents frequently see this as a desirable nesting place. Other pests, such as mosquitoes, termites, and even cockroaches, are attracted to moisture. Both rodents and insects are known to carry diseases that are a risk to humans. Therefore, if the eavestrough is clogged with moist debris and excess moisture is infiltrating the home, you can easily develop a pest problem that could become a hazard to your health.

Clogged Eavestrough Can Be Hazardous to Clean

The longer an eavestrough goes without proper cleaning, the more difficult it becomes to clean. Cleaning gutters on your own can already be a risk. When cleaning your eaves, it’s important to use a ladder for roof access. To some, this can be dangerous if you are not using the proper safety gear and techniques. A clogged eavestrough is even more tricky to navigate and tackle than usual. You will be spending far more time on a ladder, using more tools, and face a greater risk of falling or getting hurt.

Leave Clogged Eavestrough Issues to True Professionals

A clogged eavestrough may seem like a minimal issue, but the situation can become a threat to the health and safety of the people in a structure. Need help with clogged eavestrough? Contact an expert from Home Service Solutions for more information on eavestrough cleaning and gutter guards to prevent issues with clogs.

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