What Happens if you Ignore Your Eavestroughs?

What Happens if you Ignore Your Eavestroughs? - Home Service Solutions

Leaking gutters and eavestroughs separating from your home can be a costly problem. The purpose of your eavestrough is to direct water away from your windows, siding, foundation, and other parts of your home.

If your gutters are leaking, that means they are not doing their job properly, which unfortunately could result in many costly damages.

What Happens When You Ignore Your Gutters

Damage to Your Home’s Foundation

Water pooling near your home’s foundation could cause damage to your foundations or cracks in the concrete. If water gathers along the sides of your home, this could lead to your basement flooding.

Damage to the Roof and Fascia

If you ignore your eavestroughs and don’t regularly clean them, you could unknowingly be causing damage to the roof and fascia, which could cause roof problems and wood rot. If your gutters start to sag off or even fall off, this could cause damage to your roof, soffit, and fascia. When water stops flowing inside your eavestroughs and is not draining properly, this could lead to freezing which in turn, clogged gutters, causes overflowing, and could lead to animal and insect infestations.

Other Results of Ignoring your Gutters

Without proper maintenance, leaking and overflowing gutters can cause damage to your home, affecting more than just the foundation and the roof. Other common dangers you may face when you don’t maintain your gutters are:

– Damaged siding

– Soil erosion

– Cracked and water-damaged driveways

– Stains on concrete and siding

The Solution to Leaking Gutters

The simple solution to damage caused by leaking gutters is to have your eavestroughs replaced or to do a Gutter Guard Installation. If the problem gets as bad as soil erosion or a cracked foundation, this could eventually cause your home to shift and lead to long-term foundation problems, which are notoriously expensive to fix.

To prevent this type of financial disaster, it is much easier and much more affordable to clean your gutters or have them replaced.

Preparing Your Home for Ontario Weather

An additional problem for Ontario homeowners is that Southwestern Ontario is that goes through four different seasons. When the temperatures drop below zero, and if the water isn’t able to flow through your eavestroughs, the water can turn to ice which will cause the eavestroughs to expand and eventually start to sag off your home. Leaving these issues unattended could end up causing a very expensive home repair.

Give Your Gutters the Attention They Deserve 

Don’t spend any more time ignoring your gutters. Protect your home with regular professional gutter cleaning, or invest in a long-term solution, gutter guards. Our team is waiting eagerly to give you the best customer service experience you can imagine.
You can relax, we’ve got it.

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