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    Feb 26
    by deanna - No Comments

    The Cost of Ignoring your Eavestroughs

    Leaking gutters and eavestroughs separating from your home can be a costly problem. The purpose of your eavestrough is to direct water away from your windows, siding, foundation, and other parts of your home. If your gutters are leaking, that means they are not doing their job properly, which unfortunately could result in: Water pooling […]

    Feb 23
    by deanna - No Comments

    The Cost of Not Cleaning Your Gutters

    The presence of gutters in a building plays a vital role in your house. Since it does not need regular maintenance, most people tend to forget about them altogether. However, not taking care of your eavestrough from time to time is likely to bring severe damage that may compromise your roof, foundation, and general home […]

    4 Signs your gutters are not working Jan 4
    by deanna - No Comments

    4 Signs your gutters are not working

    Gutters are the greatest invention, aren’t they? When your gutters are working the way they should, you don’t have any worries about rain damage to your roof, home siding, foundation or basement. But when your gutters are not doing their job properly, it can cause all kinds of headaches. However, unless you know the warning […]

    Jul 22
    by deanna - No Comments

    10 Most Asked Questions about Asphalt Sealing

    The only way we can teach you about the importance of maintaining your driveway and asphalt is by listening to the question you are asking. We have gathered your top 10 most asked questions about asphalt sealing, and we have the answers. Why is Asphalt Sealing Important? Getting your asphalt sealed can take your home […]

    Who is alu-rex? Jul 18
    by deanna - No Comments

    What are Alu-Rex Gutter Guards?

    When trying on shoes, you look at style, functions, cost and most importantly, finding a pair you like that’s in your size. The same can be said about your gutter guards. We’ve spoken already about gutter guards but this week we are going to dive even deeper than that. There are so many gutter guards […]

    Jul 3
    by hsstest - No Comments

    Top 10 Beautiful Exterior Concrete Designs

    Introduction The appearance of your home can be valuable when every aspect of your home looks its greatest. When your home is clean, freshly mowed and every nook and cranny has been covered, you could double the value of your home. But what makes a grey slab of concrete beautiful? Check out some of my […]

    Jul 2
    by deanna - No Comments

    What is Concrete Sealing?

    Concrete looks great in the backyard and the driveway. Pour the cement, place the print, let it dry and away you go. What a lot of people don’t know is just how porous concrete can be. Those pores if not dealt with properly, it can lead to our concrete breaking down quicker. At the absolute […]

    Jun 26
    by deanna - No Comments

    How to Host/ Attend a Post-Quarantine Summer BBQ

    With the Provincial and Federal Government greenlighting phase 2 and the social distancing rules getting a little more relaxed, it can get confusing on what’s allowed and what’s not. July is next week and BBQ season is just starting so, how do we wade through the rules around BBQs. In this post, I am going […]

    Jun 23
    by deanna - No Comments

    What is Gutter Care?

    Introduction In this post, we’ll dive into what it means to keep your gutters healthy, a few tips n’ tricks on how to keep them tidy and provide examples of gutter guards solutions that solve your gutter problems. What is Gutter Care? Gutter Care is the maintenance done to your eavestroughs, soffits, fascia, flashing and […]

    Jun 18
    by deanna - No Comments

    This is for All the Dads Out There…We See You

    This is dedicated to the people who have dedicated themselves to making this world better for their kids. What does being a dad mean? A dad is someone who supported you when you struggling through school. A dad is a person you call at midnight because you’re lost on the side of the road and […]