What to Consider When Choosing an Eavestrough Installation Company

A service technician performing a gutter guard installation on a home in Southwestern Ontario

Purchasing a home is often the single largest investment people make, and it’s essential to hire the absolute best gutter company possible for routine maintenance or a replacement.

Without a reliable eavestrough system, rainwater can seep into soffits, attics, and behind exterior walls. Over time structural beams and load-bearing walls rot and weaken. Perhaps even more concerning, hazardous moulds can grow that impact the health and wellness of you and your loved ones. Those are just a few of the powerful reasons to thoroughly vet gutter installation companies. If your eavestrough system shows signs of age, leaks, or was impacted by a storm, these are things to look for when considering a new eavestrough from local gutter companies.

Does the Company Specialize in Gutter Installation?

There is an abundance of contractors who handle home repair projects and advertise gutter installations. While many are honest and hard-working people, installing an effective eavestrough system requires hands-on experience.

Unlike general construction, there are subtle nuances to eavestroughs that take time and instruction from an expert to learn. For example, the average pitch for gutters runs 3 mm per meter. If the system has spots that are level or cause rainfall to trail away from downspouts, overflows and water damage occurs. That’s why choosing the right gutter eavestrough installation company is crucial.

Does the Contractor Have a Designated Crew?

It may come as something of a surprise to people outside the construction trades, but not every contractor assigns gutter installation to company crews. The practice of serving as a “general contractor” is not unusual in the eavestrough maintenance and installation segment.

During busy seasons or following severe weather events, some gutter installation companies farm out the work internal crews cannot handle. Needless to say, the people working on your home are not necessarily the specialists you expected. And the quality of the work may also reflect a lack of experience. That’s why it’s important to ask whether the organization does all of its own work.

Does the Gutter Company Possess Adequate Insurance?

Less than ethical outfits fail to acquire insurance to cover any inadvertent property damage or injury to workers. Costly damage can happen when inexperienced crews make mistakes, such as puncturing soffits or incorrectly positioning gutters in a way the water infiltrates the structure. An operation that doesn’t carry business liability probably doesn’t have coverage for its workers.

That means any property damage or worker injury claims could fall on your homeowner’s insurance, resulting in higher rates. And if your insurance carrier denies a claim, you could be forced to pay out of pocket. Make sure the business has adequate liability insurance and is in good standing with the Workers Safety Insurance Board.

Does the Company Offer Installation Warranties?

Gutter installation companies routinely advertise warranties. But when choosing a gutter eavestrough installation company, it’s important to understand that few guarantee their own work.

Homeowners often feel secure knowing the cost of products and materials used in the eavestrough system are covered by the manufacturer. This does not necessarily mean you would receive a gutter replacement due to a subpar installation. Only the best gutter company backs its work.

Choose the Best Gutter Installation Company in Southwestern Ontario

At Home Service Solutions, we specialize in professional gutter guard and eavestrough installations in Southwestern Ontario. We are fully insured, offer installation and manufacturer warranties, and dispatch only our own meticulously trained professionals to your home. If you require an eavestrough installation, contact us today.

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