Gutter Repair vs Gutter Replacement: Which is Better?

Working families and business owners need to be able to make informed decisions about the best ways to invest their budgets. For example, one of the more difficult decisions involves knowing when to repair or replace rain gutters.

The difference between repairing or replacing an eavestrough system can have significant implications. Making the correct decision saves money over the long term. The wrong choice could lead to water backing up into soffits or negatively impacting your foundation. If you have an aging or malfunctioning system, these are things to factor into your gutter repair vs gutter replacement thought process.

When to Repair or Replace Gutters

The difference between the need for gutter repair and replacement can be hard to determine. Property owners are typically well served to have a reputable eavestrough repair service inspect the rain gutters. That being said, these are telltale signs pointing to either the need for minor repairs or a full replacement.

Repair Minor Gutter Damage

It doesn’t usually make sense to replace an entire eavestrough system because one or two sections sustained dents or cracks. The cost of repairs or simply replacing only those sections may be the most cost-effective solution.

Repair Small Gutter Leaks

If your gutters show small leaks through several sections, using a sealant can extend their usefulness. Plugging holes is a short-term fix that allows property owners to get a few more years of use. However, keeping an eye out for leaks returning and damaging your soffits is crucial.

Repair Sagging Gutters

There are two basic ways gutters begin to sag. The first involves pooling rainwater that freezes and weighs gutters down. This issue can be resolved with a professional gutter cleaning and adjustment. The second stems from loose hangers. But, again, hangers can sometimes be tightened, re-screwed, or replaced at a relatively nominal cost.

Replace When Hangers Unusable

Hangers represent an interesting gutter replacement and repair metric. When simply loose, they can be tightened. But when you cannot ratchet them taut, that usually means the fascia board and soffits have begun to rot. This indicates a significant eavestrough problem that is too far gone. Often, the most effective solution is a complete gutter replacement.

Replace Dysfunctional Gutter Sections

When the seams between sections of your gutters don’t stay in place, they’ve passed their prime. As a home or commercial property owner, you can invest in seamless gutters that move water away from the building and won’t leak.

Replace Gutters Due to Water Damage

Water damage can manifest in various ways that property owners do not always attribute to a faulty eavestrough system. Stains on siding or decaying fascia are easily linked to poorly performing gutters. But when water begins to seep into basements, the connection to gutters isn’t always straightforward. The facts are that gutters are tasked with safely moving water away from the structure. If it’s pooling in your basement, it’s time for gutter replacement.

Contact Home Service Solutions for Gutter Replacement and Repair

At Home Service Solutions, we work diligently with home and business owners to provide cost-effective solutions. Our experienced professionals conduct a thorough evaluation to determine whether gutter repair or replacement is appropriate. If you have aging or problematic gutters, contact Home Service Solutions today.

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