Comparing Alu-Rex Gutter Guards

Home and commercial property owners enjoy significant benefits from having the best gutter guards installed in their eavestrough systems. Like any building material, these advanced protections are not one-size-fits-all products. At Home Service Solutions in Southwest Ontario, we install three distinct types of industry-leading Alu-Rex gutter guards. We hope that by comparing gutter guards, you can make an informed decision about the right choice for your home or business.

Comparing Alu-Rex Gutter Guards

Alu-Rex gutter guards deliver long-term protection against clogs and water backing up into soffits. When you compare gutter guards, it’s relatively easy to see the subtle differences.

T-Rex Gutter Guard

The T-Rex is designed to accompany a new eavestrough and is fastened in place using self-sealing screws. This continuous gutter guard protects against ice and snow accumulations. It also supports up to 105 kg per linear foot while enhancing the eavestrough system’s overall strength. With the ability to drain 754 mm of water per hour, the T-Rex is widely considered a perfect balance between drainage and debris protection. T-Rex comes with a 40-year anti-clog warranty and lifetime materials guarantee.

Double Pro Gutter Guard

The Double Pro is made for new eavestrough installations and is fasted to the fascia with self-sealing hexagon screws and rubber gaskets. It helps reinforce the gutter to enhance its overall strength to support 199 kg per linear foot. The Double Pro gutter guard also drains 1,031 mm of water per hour. This durable gutter guard uses two layers of perforated protection to filter out the smallest debris. Double Pro comes with a lifetime anti-clog warranty and materials guarantee.

Gutter Clean Gutter Guard

This product is designed for home and commercial properties that still have years of service remaining on their existing eavestroughs. Delivering robust weather protection, the Gutter Clean system drains 754 mm of water per hour. It provides a watertight seal to prevent seepage into soffits and siding. Perhaps the primary benefit property owners gain is extending the life of existing eavestroughs while protecting your investment from unnecessary water damage. Gutter Clean comes with a 40-year anti-clog warranty.

The Alu-Rex Gutter Guards at a Glance

For New Gutters Near Trees
For New Gutters In Treeless Area
Installs over Existing Eavestroughs
Strengthens Gutters
Fastens Gutters to the House
Protects Gutters from Pine Needles
Protects Gutters from Debris
Can Handle Over 750 mm of Water Per Hour
Reduces Chance of Ice Dams
Warranty on MaterialLifetimeLifetime40 Years
Warranty on SturdinessLifetimeLifetime
Clog Free Warranty Against LeavesLifetime40 Years40 Years
Clog Free Warranty Against Pine NeedlesLifetime

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At Home Service Solutions, we work diligently with home and business owners to provide cost-effective gutter guard solutions. If you are considering the enhanced benefits of gutter guards, contact the experts at Home Service Solutions today.

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