What Are The Best Tools For Gutter Cleaning?

A professional cleaning leaves from a gutter

Completing any home improvement or maintenance project requires having the right equipment and skills. Having the best tools for gutter cleaning is no different from those needed to tile a bathroom floor or install replacement windows.

Although homeowners typically hire a contractor to conduct professional-grade upgrades, some handle cleaning the eavestroughs. Without the proper tools, the job can be tough, even to the most experienced DIYer. That’s why we recommend hiring a professional gutter cleaner, like the team at Home Service Solutions.

Basics of Gutter Cleaning

A professional gutter cleaning company typically recommends scheduling maintenance and upkeep during the spring and fall. These are the periods when leaves, soot, dust, and other debris usually build up in eavestrough systems. It’s also essential to check the terrain for trees that shed leaves during the winter and pines that lose needles during high-wind events.

Property owners who are willing to handle gutter cleaning chores are advised to take safety precautions. It’s necessary to possess a sturdy ladder that provides balanced access to the eavestroughs. A DIYer should be able to reach into the gutters with pro-level gloves and extricate any loose or clogged materials. Safety also calls for a helper to foot the ladder securely in place while you shift your weight. If you decide to forgo professional maintenance, these rank among the best tools for gutter cleaning.

Gutter Guards

Perforated gutter guards are the best tools for gutter cleaning, bar none. That’s because they trap leaves, twigs, and other debris before that clog the eavestrough system. Rather than spend weekends getting covered in leaves and muck, homeowners can broom off leaves and flush the system with a garden house.

If you decide to purchase professional gutter cleaning tools and add this to your chores list, remember to always wear certified personal protective clothing and equipment.

Gutter Scoops

It’s not unusual for amateur gutter cleaners to select a gardening tool to shovel out the built-up leaves, twigs, and muck from their eavestroughs. Using items such as a metal hand trowel scratches the interior of the gutters.

Metal gutters rust once the protective coating has been breached. And vinyl products incur scrapes that encourage sediment to cling. By contrast, a professional gutter cleaning scoop seamlessly removes materials without damaging the system.

Telescope Hose Attachments

These hose extensions are usually constructed from metal and an attachment can be mounted at the end. This helps gutter cleaners to effectively pressure wash the eavestroughs after the bulk of the material has been removed. This professional gutter cleaning tool allows users to walk under the systems and steadily push loose gunk to the downspouts.

Telescope Eavestrough Hoes

These telescope poles let DIYers drill down on difficult-to-remove goop using a variety of attachments. They usually include large claws, attachable scoops, and brushes. Considered highly effective, these professional gutter cleaning tools also allow you to remain safely on the ground.

Leaf Blowers

If the gutters are dry, using a leaf blower proves an effective tool for removing fallen foliage from gutters. Blowers can also clear away debris still resting on rooftops, making them a proactive solution.

Gutter Vacuums

When wet leaves and sludge are clogging gutters, it may be prudent to use a commercial-grade gutter vacuum. These professional gutter cleaning tools create enough suction to remove thick muck. Without this top-tier device, DIYers can anticipate cleaning by hand.

Contact Home Service Solutions to Schedule a Gutter Cleaning

At Home Service Solutions, our experienced technicians possess the tools and experience to conduct a thorough gutter cleaning. We can also install gutter guards to prevent unnecessary build-ups in your eavestroughs. If your gutters haven’t been recently cleaned or you need guards installed, contact Home Service Solutions today.

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