When is the Best Time to Clean Your Gutters?

A clogged gutter in a home in Southwestern Ontario before being professionally cleaned

Wide-reaching industry professionals agree the best time to clean your gutters is during the spring and fall. These are certainly strategic gutter cleaning seasons.

But ridding eavestroughs of debris and ensuring water flows away from your foundation is more complicated than acting only during the best time of year to clean gutters. It’s also imperative to conduct gutter cleaning on a regular basis and take proactive measures to extend their use.

Why is Spring or Fall the Best Time to Clean Your Gutters?

If you set aside other factors, spring and fall are considered the best time of year to get gutters cleaned. That’s primarily because debris and airborne particles like pollen and dust tend to build up during these seasons.

Fall Gutter Cleaning

Autumn brings beautifully coloured foliage just before many trees shed their leaves. The falling leaves land on rooftops and become lodged in eavestrough systems, causing water to pool. Once temperatures dip below freezing, ponding water becomes heavy blocks of ice. Gutters begin to sag under the weight and often require replacement.

Spring Gutter Cleaning

Spring may not involve the heavy leaf buildups of autumn, but plenty of soot, sap, and airborne dust clings to roofs. These items end up sticking to the inside of eavestrough systems and fouling up otherwise seamless water mitigation.

Spring and fall are considered the best time to clean your gutters because they present an opportunity to clear away large volumes of items that cause clogs on a seasonal basis. It’s also important to schedule a gutter cleaning if you suspect another problem exists.

Reasons You May Need Off-Season Gutter Cleaning

If you notice water is overflowing at points in your eavestroughs, there may be blockages unrelated to leaves and sediment. It’s not uncommon for squirrels, birds, or chipmunks to mistakenly build a nest in gutters. The twigs, grass, and leaves they jam into your gutters typically cause rainwater to overflow into soffits or exterior walls.

It’s important to note that pines can drop needles during summer. They also pose a problem during winter when high winds and heavy snowfall sever needles from branches.

One of the best ways to avoid eavestroughs from becoming clogged is to have gutter guards installed. These perforated coverings prevent late-season leaves and pine needles from accumulating.

Contact Home Service Solutions to Schedule a Gutter Cleaning

At Home Service Solutions, our experienced technicians possess the tools and experience to conduct a thorough gutter cleaning. We can also install gutter guards to prevent unnecessary build-ups in your eavestroughs. If your gutters haven’t been recently cleaned or you need guards installed, contact Home Service Solutions today.

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