This is for All the Dads Out There…We See You

This is dedicated to the people who have dedicated themselves to making this world better for their kids.

What does being a dad mean? A dad is someone who supported you when you struggling through school. A dad is a person you call at midnight because you’re lost on the side of the road and you have no idea where you are. A dad is a person that understands you a little bit differently than anyone else.

Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday and we want to dedicate this week to the people who have fought for us when we couldn’t fight for ourselves. Are you still looking for that perfect Father’s Day gift? Buying a gift for my dad has always tricky, wondering if he’ll like the gift or not 𑁋 but I’ve learned a trick or two over the years when it comes to his favourite go-to stores*.

My dad’s go-to stores are Home Depot, Canadian Tire, and Lowes.
I swear, he can spend endless hours browsing through the latest items on sale, especially if it’s camping gear. I remember watching my dad trying to rip a microwave off of the display because it wasn’t in stock and he HAD to have that one! Some may call it stubborn; he calls it being particular about what he likes. When it comes to Father’s Day, If your father figure is anything like mine – a gift card seems to be the safest option. This way your dad can pick out whatever he loves. And believe me, he deserves it. I remember every road trip; my dad would let us listen to Nickelback on repeat. Yes… you read that right, Nickelback. The whole way.

Merchandise from their College/University
Half of the reason I decided to go to my college was because it was the same school my dad went to. It was important to me that we could connect through our different school experiences. I had classes in the same rooms he sat in all those years ago. Something as simple as a sweater or a mug could mean the world to your father figure. I will never forget the look on my dad’s face when he pulled out that matching sweater with our respective programs and the year’s we graduated on it.

Home Service Solutions

The one thing my dad always had was that never-ending renovation/to-do list. My brother’s and I would place a bet on how long each project would take, compared to how long our dad said it would take. So far, the upstairs hallway is going on 5 years 4 months and 3 days longer than he said it would take him. Take something off your father’s list this summer. Gift him a new driveway by getting it sealed professionally. Surprise him with clean gutters or gutter guards so he never has to climb up a ladder again.

For this Father’s Day – we want to thank all the dads that have stepped up. These thanks are for all of the single-parents playing both roles, the step-dads, the god-fathers, the step-in dads, the uncles, the grandads, the adopted-dad, and the big brothers & sisters.

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