Sealing Our Way to a New Driveway

Seal your fate into flawless concrete

When I was younger, my mom told me that I should never step on a crack in the ground or it would hurt her back. For a solid 10 years, I really thought that was true. The catchy rhyme has a point though. It’s painful to see cracks in a near perfect driveway. Sealing concrete and sealing your driveway not only is a way to protect your mom’s back but will save you time and money.

Before I get into the sales pitch, what exactly does itmean to get your driveway or concrete sealed. Think of your driveway like your skin. It may look flawless but if you look close enough, it almost looks like there are tiny little pores that allows water, oil and other liquids to seep through. Stains and other problems can form inside the concrete and near impossible to fix without having to rip up the whole thing.

So, what does it mean to seal the concrete? A sealcoating fills the pores in the concrete and makes a clear smooth surface. It protects and prolongs the life of your driveway. Driveways need regular upkeep. Getting our driveways sealed makes sure that oil and friends stay out of the concrete and stain-free. This coating will reduce the amount of oxygen and UV rays that the concrete will be exposed to. Over time, the colour of the concrete will change and the overall look would affect the curb appeal. The coating will also act as a waterproof layer.

Water is the next enemy. When water seeps through the asphalt the soft ground below it, becomes mud and shifts around. This may change the shape of the supporting ground and you may end up watching your driveway crumble very slowly in front of you. The waterproof coating fills the pores in the asphalt, blocking water from leaking through. Getting our driveways sealed could save us more money in the long run.

Sounds like your next home DIY project, right? Well, only if you really know what you’re doing. Ifthis isn’t don’t properly, you may end up with bubbles and an uneven surface. Do it correctly could last you 30 years. Home Service Solutions highly recommends using a professional when dealing with sealing solution.

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