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    Jul 3
    by hsstest - No Comments

    Top 10 Beautiful Exterior Concrete Designs


    The appearance of your home can be valuable when every aspect of your home looks its greatest. When your home is clean, freshly mowed and every nook and cranny has been covered, you could double the value of your home. But what makes a grey slab of concrete beautiful? Check out some of my favourite concrete stamp design, cement tints, and colour tinted sealers.

    1. Poolside Stone

    If you’ve been to a nice hotel with an outside pool, you’ve most defiantly seen this type of design. This design gives pool-goers the look and feel of an exotic spa in their own backyard. I recommend a dark sealer on this type to make the colour of the water look brighter. If you have a textured colour concrete a clear sealer will top of the look with a shine.

    2. Wood Effect

    This design gives you the look of a wooden floor without having to lay any down. This stamp design has thick stamp imprint lines that can hold greater amounts of water for longer periods. Sealing this design will keep the design waterproof for it to naturally evaporate away.

    3. Slate and Brick

    Adding slates of brick into the cement not only gives creative freedom to design something that you love. It also makes the colour pop which will enhance the overall look of your home.

    4. Squares

    It’s just so satisfying looking at how the squares fit together and that they are all the same size. But I also love the mix of small squares and big squares. Squares are a fun design that can satisfy the eye. Jazz up this design with pebbles, alternating colours or a mosaic colour scheme.

    5. Stained

    Like squares, you can pick a colour scheme that suits the overall look you want for that area. With the different shapes creating texture and abstract your backyard will be the hottest spot to hang out on.

    6. The Wooden Plank

    This thinking out of the box design uses concrete and wooden planks to create this beautiful design. Stain it and seal it and you’ll be looking great.

    7. Stones

    Walking barefoot on stones is a refreshing cool sensation which will be much appreciated this summer. A mix of textures and colours with give your walkway and patio a whimsical feeling.

    8. Matching Patio

    We know you didn’t a whole outfit just because of a purse or watch. But we do know that your patio can match your patio furniture. Complete the whole look by setting your colours in stone.

    9. The Matching Driveway

    This one speaks for itself. Complete this look with a clear coating on the whole surface.

    10. Pebble Stones

    Step out and into a story tale every time you take a step on your patio. This pebble design is a modern but gorgeous entrance to your home or backyard. Set your patio from the rest of them with this sleek design.

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