What are Alu-Rex Gutter Guards?

When trying on shoes, you look at style, functions, cost and most importantly, finding a pair you like that’s in your size. The same can be said about your gutter guards. We’ve spoken already about gutter guards but this week we are going to dive even deeper than that. There are so many gutter guards on the market right now but how do you pick one? How do you know which guards are right for your eavestroughs and ultimately right for your home? This post is going to dive into our Alu-Rex Gutter Guards and explain the greatness that goes into the Gutter Clean System, the TREX and DoublePro. Plus, I’ll include some tips on what to look for when considering gutter guards and how to keep them at their top performance. Relax, we’ve got it.

Who is Alu-Rex?

Alu-Rex was started by a band of brothers, Guy and Stéphane Brochu, that took the gutter and water management industry by storm. They formed Alu-Rex because they wanted to create a company that works to fix homeowners’ problems with gutters as well as to make exterior home maintenance easier. At the time the company started, they were gutter installers and wanted to offer an effective product to protect eavestroughs.

Alu-Rex is always trying to offer a product that needs the needs of their consumers. Soon enough, Alu-Rex created the TREX and the DoublePro continuous hanger gutter guards. This way the eavestroughs remain sturdy while making the two-step eavestroughs and gutter guards into a quick all-in-one solution.

Why are Gutter Guards Important?

Before getting into each type of gutter guard, let’s get into why our eavestroughs need them. Gutter guards extend the life of your eavestroughs. Every winter, exposed eavestroughs have a risk of frozen and clogged downspouts from ice and snow buildup. That build-up will leave melted water sitting there until it freezes again.
The end goal of your eavestroughs and downspouts is to get water far away from the foundation as possible (check out our Gutter Care blog to learn about the role your foundation plays). If you are experiencing flooding (basement or attic) or cracked foundation – there could be an underlying problem that is hard to see whichcould cost you hundreds or thousands in the long term.

The Gutter Clean System

This innovative leaf guard was built for existing eavestroughs. This guard keeps gutters draining freely. Water buildup can seep through your fascia boards and into your home, creating structural and health problems for your family. The Gutter Clean System is made of weatherproof aluminum so it won’t rust, crack, chip or warp out of shape. This material to build to withstand the weight of snow and other debris.

Speaking of snow – The Gutter Clean System keeps both snow and ice out of the gutters and filters any water to drain without the build-up.

So how long before you need to replace them? What if something were to happen where they did need replacing? These leaf guards come with a 40-year clog-free warranty. This is the only guard on the market with this type of warranty. Found yourforever home? Say hello to your forever gutter guards.


How cool would it be to have a dinosaur to protect your home? You can have the same protection for your eavestroughs with T-Rex gutter guards. This gutter guard is the first of two continuous hanger gutter guards Alu-Rex developed. The term ‘continuous hanger’ means that the weight of the gutter guard and the eavestroughs are consistent from end to end. This means that it can support the weight of snow, ice AND ladders. The reinforcement in the guards eliminates all weak points.

This set of guards comes with free eavestroughs. If you have some nasty stuff growing in your gutters, the whole eavestrough comes down so the new ones can be installed. Thanks to the design and the heavy-gauge aluminum used, it’s now even studier and more long-lasting. Go on. You know you want to test it out. These guards can hold the weight of three people.


Any product with the words ‘double’ or ‘pro’ in the name, you know you’re getting quality. So, what kind of quality are you going to get with DoublePro gutter guards?

There’s a reason why we call it DoublePro. These gutter guards, unlike the last two I mentioned, has two layers of protection. The first layer has the strength to protect against damage caused by ice, snow and debris. The second layer is the cool part. This layer is a microfiltration filter which makes this the only gutter guard on the market that protects against damage caused by pine needles.

These extreme gutter guards should have an extensive warranty, right? 100%. These guards are an Alu-Rex flagship product so it’s covered by the most extensive warranty in the market. A lifetime warranty that covers materials, durability, and clog-free performance.

These guards, like the T-Rex, are a continuous hanger so feel free to test it out with three people of your choice.

5 Tips and Reminders for Keeping your Gutter Guards Effective for your Home

  1. Freezing water means that the guards will lift out of the eavestroughs. It is so important to keep an eye on your downspouts and make sure that they are clear of any ice or snow. When shovelling your driveway or sidewalk, carefullyknock on the downspout and see if you can feel any blockage. Shovel any snow away from the opening to make sure water is draining correctly.
  2. When searching for Gutter Guard to be installed on your home, measure yourhome first. Gutter Guards are sold by the linear foot. It can be tricky to measure the tight corners that guarantee seamless edges. Allow for 10% of what you buy go to waste.
  3. Painting your eavestroughs and soffits to match the exterior siding colour will hide your eavestroughs blending it in with your overall home design.
  4. When installing Gutter Guards on your own, please please please follow the manufacture instructions. There’s only so far, your DIY skills can take you. The manufacturer provided clear instructions that were probably geared towards keeping you safe when installing them. They are also there to make sure that you are getting the full protection that you need. If you don’t follow instructions, the guards may not work the way you want them to or how the manufacturer designed them to work.

Gutter guards can save you tons of time and money. Cleaning your gutters two-five times a year can be unsafe and an overall nuisance. Alu-Rex Gutter Guards are an industry innovation that was developed by a team of teams that know their gutters inside out.

If you are questioning your DIY skills or are just frustrated with frequent cleaning, visit our website to book a free no-obligation estimate for your home. Relax, we’ve got it.

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