Eavestrough Screens – Do You Need Them?

Eavestrough screens, also known as gutter guards, are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners looking to keep their gutters clean and clog-free, but are they necessary? Learn about the benefits of eavestrough screens and if you really need them.

What Are Eavestrough Screens?

Eavestrough screens, aka gutter guards, are the covers that prevent debris from entering your eavestroughs. While some, like the Gutter Clean Gutter Guards, are designed to be installed over your existing gutters, while others are in conjunction with new eavestroughs, like the Double Pro and T-Rex. Whichever option you choose will depend on the amount your home’s surroundings, and the level of protection you need.

How Do Eavestrough Screens Work?

Eavestrough screens prevent debris, such as leaves and twigs, from entering your gutters, preventing clogs. Eavestrough screens are a convenient way to limit the need for frequent gutter cleaning while ensuring that water can flow freely through your gutter system. A clog-free gutter system is one of the best ways to prevent water damage to your home’s foundation, siding, and landscaping.

Do You Need Eavestrough Screens?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, primarily the amount of debris that typically accumulates in your gutters. If you repeatedly need to clean your eavestroughs or notice clogging even when they were recently cleaned, you may need gutter screens.

Choose Gutter Guards That Offer Exceptional Protection Against Water Damage

When deciding whether you need eavestrough screens, consider the quality of the product that will help protect your home against water damage. Some homeowners opt for budget-friendly DIY options; however, these systems are often prone to failure and are something we do not recommend to homeowners. Instead, we recommend having high-quality gutter guards professionally installed. Alu-Rex Gutter Guards are designed to provide superior protection against clogs and leaks and are backed by extensive warranties.

With high-quality gutter screens, homeowners can experience benefits like:

  • Reduced gutter cleaning
  • Improved water flow through eavestroughs
  • Reduced chance of mould and mildew growth
  • Protection against water damage caused by overflowing eavestroughs

Protect Your Home with Top-Quality Gutter Screens

Eavestrough screens can be a valuable investment for homeowners looking to keep their gutters and downspouts clean and functioning correctly. They offer an efficient solution to gutter cleaning and can help prevent water damage to your home’s exterior and foundation. Contact a professional installer at Home Service Solutions to find out which gutter guard is the best option for your home.

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