What Colour Should Your Eavestrough Be?

Coloured eavestroughs on a home in Southwestern Ontario

Colour coordinating the exterior of your home should not end with elements such as shingles, siding and trim. It’s essential to ask yourself what colour should eavestroughs be as well. By bringing all the design components into harmony, homeowners can maximize the beauty of their property and real estate values. At Home Solution Services, we provide secure gutter installations that also help enhance the aesthetic quality of homes. We hope the following information regarding what colour your eavestroughs should be proves helpful to our Southwestern Ontario community members.

How to Choose Gutter Colour

Perhaps the best colour choice is one that blends into the background. It’s only when gutter colours clash with other elements that they stand out. To ensure your home doesn’t wind up with loud eavestroughs, these are some tips about how to choose gutter colours.

Match the Home’s Siding

Colour-matching gutters and downspouts to a home’s siding helps them seamlessly blend into the background. This can be particularly effective on structures that require downspouts in the middle of long exterior walls. Although customized siding can sometimes be difficult to match, the majority of materials and paint colours can be closely replicated.

Match the Home’s Trim

Exterior trim is typically relegated to a handful of basic colours. Seamless gutters are readily available in many of these colours, making the matching process simple. Matching trim and gutter colours is most effective when the downspouts are positioned at corners or places where similarly coloured trim is located. This helps the gutters and downspouts remain unnoticed.

Match the Home’s Roof Colour

It’s not unusual for brisk, modern and contemporary homes to omit trim. This makes matching your eavestroughs with the roof shingles a fallback position. The conventional thinking is that matching roof shingles creates an illusion that the gutters are a natural design extension. True or not, they can look aesthetically purposeful and attractive.

Contrast Gutters with Exterior Elements

In some cases, homeowners find their existing colour scheme needs some livening up. Just as some people install a bright front door, contrasting gutters can add that something extra. Among the popular contrasting schemes are copper gutters, grays, and green tones.

What are the Most Popular Gutter Colours?

White and off-white remain the most widely used gutter colours on residential properties. That’s largely because white trim is also popular, and homeowners generally match the two. Various shades of brown rank high in terms of providing contrast for buildings without trim. But the best gutter colour is the one that adds to the appeal of your home.

Why the Colour of Your Gutters Matters

  • Increase Curbside Appeal
  • Add a Needed Design Element
  • Support the Exterior Beauty
  • Improve Property Values

Talk to An Expert About Gutter Colours & Installation

Trusting a gutter installation to professionals is the best way to ensure a positive outcome. If you have questions about colour matching and schemes, we have experts who can help. Contact Home Service Solutions about eavestrough replacement and gutter guards in Southwestern Ontario.

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