Maximizing Your Home’s Curb Appeal: The Importance of Gutter Care Before Selling

A gutter installation completed before the sale of an Ontario home

Preparing to sell your home requires considerable effort if you want to receive offers at or above the asking price. Interior spaces must be cleaned, organized, and offer potential buyers a sense of spaciousness. When you prepare the exterior of your home, it must deliver what is known as “curb appeal.” Along with a manicured lawn and good window washing, gutters care remains a focal point of exterior preparation.

Telltale Signs Your Gutters Are Not Working

When rain and melting snow do not efficiently flow through your eavestrough system, the exterior of your home tends to suffer. Water can back up and erode the fascia and soffits. Before listing your home, consider climbing a ladder and checking for signs of rot. You’ll also be able to peek into the gutters and check for clinging sap, pine needles, and leaves.

If you see dark streaks on the home’s exterior, it may be due to dirty water overflowing from your gutter system. Even more concerning is the fact that moisture is pooling against the foundation. As water freezes, it expands and may crack your foundation, which can deter potential homebuyers. If you see cracks in the concrete, it may be the result of underperforming eavestroughs.

Having Your Gutters Professional Cleaned

It’s not unusual for gutters to get clogged simply because they haven’t benefited from a thorough cleaning. Homeowners sometimes use a stepladder and gloves to remove leaf accumulations and other debris. While that may free up water to make its way to the downspouts, it generally provides minimal relief. Professional gutter service providers have the specialized tools and skills to get the eavestroughs working like new. This alleviates issues such as streaks on siding, rot, and water pooling near the foundation. It also ensures that your gutter will pass inspection.

When to Repair Gutters

It’s not unusual for clogged gutters to experience pooling water inside them. When the cold Ontario winter arrives, expanding ice typically cracks portions of the eavestroughs. Other areas may sag from the weight and throw off the pitch. These may be relatively minor issues that can be repaired. Having a professional gutter repair expert fix them ensures you won’t see streaks on the siding during a showing. It also means your gutters won’t fail inspection when selling your home.

When to Replace Gutters

It may be prudent to have failing gutters replaced before listing your home. If the foundation has cracks related to water damage, the home inspector is likely to include that in the report. The issue could derail an otherwise lucrative sale. Eavestrough replacement is a relatively inexpensive home improvement compared to kitchens and bathrooms, among others. By that same token, new gutters enhance the curbside appeal and add property value.

Contact Home Service Solutions for Gutter Cleaning, Replacement and Repair

At Home Service Solutions, we work diligently with home and business owners to provide cost-effective services. If you are preparing to sell your home, our technicians are ready to clean, repair, and replace your eavestroughs if needed. Contact Home Service Solutions today.

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