Reasons to Get Your Gutter Guards Installed in the Winter  

Ice and snow on top of gutters in the winter

Homeowners tend to wait until spring before greenlighting a gutter guard installation. Many believe it’s the optimal time for this home improvement because winter poses little danger of clogged gutters and downspouts. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The facts are that having a professional gutter guard installation performed during the cold weather months could avoid unnecessary damage to your eavestrough system, soffits, and foundation. That’s largely because the freeze-thaw cycle wreaks havoc on residential and commercial gutters long before spring arrives. If you want to save money and avoid repairs, these are reasons to promptly schedule a gutter guard installation in the winter.

Avoid Paying for Gutter Replacement

We tend to operate under the misconception that things operate around a defied “spring thaw” timeline. In reality, sunshine and temperatures above freezing during the winter create a series of quick thaws. When thermometers drop below freezing again, melted snow turns to ice.

This has a profound effect on unprotected eavestroughs because they accumulate a mix of snow and ice. The sheer weight of mounded snow and a frozen stream of underlying ice bend gutters and pull them away from the structure. Come spring, property owners suffer a leaking mess and have to pay for repairs or a complete replacement. By contrast, gutter guards and snow accumulations coexist relatively well. Melted snow trickles through the system unencumbered and out of the downspouts the way it’s intended.

Protect Your Home

Installing gutter guards in winter prevents ice blocks from derailing water flow. When spring rains first arrive, sections that are in shaded areas tend to hold ice longer. Water backs up and overflows into the soffits and can leak into the exterior walls. It may also start pooling near the foundation, leading to cracked concrete and basement flooding. Installing gutter guards in winter helps make the eavestrough system function efficiently and protects your home against unnecessary damage.

Installing Gutter Guards in Winter Saves Money

Working families face a wide variety of expenses, making saving money on home improvements a priority. People outside the construction trades may not know that rates typically drop during the winter. That’s because fewer projects are underway, contractors have easier access to products to get the job done efficiently. Homeowners that install during the winter won’t have to pay the premium others will absorb when the weather breaks.

Take Advantage of the Winter Gutter Replacement Rebate

Home Service Solutions offers a Winter Gutter Replacement Rebate that saves homeowners up to 40% on a new system. This rebate program does depend on factors such as weather, buying back old aluminum, and product availability. We install high-quality Alu-Rex gutter guard products that include:

Protect Your Home and Save Money with a Winter Gutter Guard Installation

Installing a gutter guard during the winter months is an effective and cost-efficient way to protect your home from damage caused by ice, snow, and freezing rain. At Home Service Solutions, we work diligently with home and business owners to provide cost-effective gutter guard solutions no matter the weather or season. Installing a gutter guard now during the winter can save you money in the long run, on repairs or replacements due to water damage. Contact us today to learn more about our Gutter Replacement Rebate and winter installation services.

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