Myths and Facts about Gutter Cleaning

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It’s not uncommon for homeowners to feel uncertain about how often to clean gutters. The conventional wisdom seems to revolve around late autumn after the leaves have all fallen. Unfortunately, that notion plays right into one of the gutter cleaning myths.

Knowing the difference between gutter cleaning myths and facts can help homeowners avoid unnecessary property damage. When these water mitigation systems become clogged, moisture seeps into soffits and causes materials to rot. And when rainwater backs up in your gutters, it can also get behind exterior walls and allow hazardous moulds to form.

As experts in the field, we hope dispelling the following myths and empowering people in Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas with facts will prove helpful.

Gutter Cleaning Myths and Facts

Many of the pervasive myths about gutters have their roots in the idea they are not necessarily essential. Truth be told, without gutters to effectively manage heavy rains and melting snow, your house siding and foundations could be negatively impacted. These are problematic myths that too often lead to water damage and homeowners paying for otherwise avoidable repairs out-of-pocket.

Myth: Gutters Only Need to be Cleaned Once a Year

This misconception follows the reasoning that falling leaves are the only way gutters become clogged. But soot from winter fireplaces and heating systems lands on rooftops and flows into gutters. Spring and summer tree sap, pollen, and dust can also accumulate. These factors beg the question: How often should gutters be cleaned? 

Fact: It’s wise to have your gutters cleaned and inspected twice annually to avoid debris buildups. Speak to a professional about a gutter cleaning schedule that makes sense for your home. 

Myth: Anyone Can Clean Their Own Gutters

It’s true the average homeowner or family member with a ladder, and a pair of work gloves can follow a few gutter cleaning tips and pull out thick gunk. However, this approach does not exactly result in the gutters being “clean,” just partially unclogged. 

Fact: A professional knows how to clean gutters because they do it every day. We use techniques and tools the average person wouldn’t consider. Truly clean gutters involve removing all of the sediment, tree sap, bird droppings, and debris that allow the next wave of leaves to cling and clog these systems. 

Myth: Clogged Gutters are Not an Emergency

Some people view gutters as a secondary aspect of a home’s defense against the elements. With that reasoning in mind, a jammed downspout or overflowing gutter section doesn’t constitute an emergency. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Fact: If any portion of your gutter system becomes clogged, water is not effectively being transferred away from the structure. It’s also a telltale sign your gutters have fallen into disrepair. Not only are clogged gutters a cleaning emergency, but portions likely need to be removed and replaced before major structural repairs are required. 

Contact A Gutter Solutions Company You Can Trust

If you are seeing signs that gutters aren’t functioning at their best or are overdue for a cleaning, Home Service Solutions provides reliable gutter cleaning services for property owners in Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas. Contact Home Service Solutions today for a free gutter cleaning service quote.

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