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Asphalt Sealing


Why do I need
Asphalt Sealing?

Reduces long term repair costs

Accelerates melting of snow and ice on the surface

Protects our asphalt from oil/chemicals and oxidation

Protects from rain, frost, and snow damage

Enhances the look of the asphalt and overall landscape

Increases property value

Increases lifespan of driveway structure

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What is Asphalt Sealing?

Nothing feels better than pulling into your driveways after a long day at work or a long family road trip. The feeling be more fulfilling when you pull onto a freshly sealed driveway. When asphalt is first laid – it looks gorgeous. However, the more we use our driveways cracks and potholes start to appear.

Whenever oil or other liquids get spilt on your driveway, it will slowly seep down through small pores which makes the ground underneath soft. Eventually, the ground could shift, creating a spider-web effect of cracks. Cracks can be costly to repair, let alone if the damage is deep enough that your whole driveway needs to be ripped up and replaced.

Driveway sealing isn’t a need, but a necessity.

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