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Lawn Aeration & Dethatch


Why do I need
Lawn Aeration & Dethatching?

Improves turf health

Reduces thatch build-up

Breaks up soil compaction

Improves pH balance

Improves overseeding operations

Prevents water pooling and flooding

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What is Lawn Aeration?

Have you noticed your grass has stopped growing in, patches have turned brown or you have dead spots? This is most likely because you have a layer of dead grass, called thatch. Thatch builds up over time which acts as a barrier that blocks nutrients from reaching your soil and roots. You need lawn aeration & dethatching.

Dethatching involves removing that dead thatch layer which makes it easier for grass to grow.The lawn aeration process than removes 1-3-inch plugs from the ground to allow air, water and nutrients to reach your grassroots. This allows the roots to grow deeper which will produce stronger, lusher & greener grass.

Relax, the grass is always greener with us.

Lawn Aeration

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