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    Jun 1
    by deanna - No Comments

    Have you been showing symptoms of clogged gutters?

    Do you need to be prescribed gutter cleaning for your home?

    So, if the kitchen is the heart of our home, wouldn’t that mean our gutters are the veins? Protecting our hearts is the top priority for most cardiologists. Yet we eat things like bacon which tend to clog our arteries and can lead to some serious complications. The same thing can be said about your eavestroughs. As a homeowner, it can be exhausting having to remember every little detail that needs to be maintained (kind of like how we told the doctor we were going to lay off the caffeine and bacon).

    When it rains, water should drain into our eavestroughs and flow down away from the foundation of our home. If our eavestroughs become blocked with leaves and debris; water could make its way to our fascia. If our eavestroughs leak because of lack of drainage, the soil below will become soft and damp. Unfortunately, if the soil can’t drain properly, the water will work it’s way down (thanks gravity, keep up the good work) for hours and in some cases several days after rainfall. This could cause a crack in our foundation. Eventually, if the water sits for too long, a layer of mold, mildew or bacteria could start to grow inside our homes.

    What can we do? Well, they say when we feel chest pain, we should go see a doctor. The same thing could be said about our homes. If we’ve never cleaned our gutters before, or we’re not confident doing it, it can be really scary. The same is true with a heart attack; most people don’t know what’s wrong until it’s happening. We won’t know there’s a crack in our foundation until well…. We see it. Fixing foundation cracks can put someone back thousands of dollars in repairs. A good gutter cleaning service is only a few hundred and will protect our home.

    What to look for in a Gutter Cleaning service

    1. Are they safety certified?
    2. What type of equipment do they use?
    3. Do they love what they’re doing?
    4. Do they go above and beyond?

    Clean gutters are a sign of a healthy home. If you are interested in a free quote, contact us and our team will be happy to help.

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