Alu-Rex gutter guards installed on a home in Southwestern Ontario

FAQs About Gutter Guards

The eavestrough system of any home or commercial property represents a first line of defence against heavy rains and snowfall. Your gutters help carry water away from the building to prevent unnecessary damage. But when they become clogged and ineffective, moisture backs up into soffits and can negatively impact the foundation. Installing mesh guards over the eavestroughs is an effective way to prevent pooling water from overflowing. In an effort to help property owners make an informed decision, we’ve compiled these frequently asked questions about gutter guards.

How Do Gutter Guards Work?

Gutter guards are typically a perforated covering that fits securely over the eavestroughs. Small holes prevent debris like leaves and pine needles from accumulating inside the gutters.

Can Gutter Guards Become Clogged?

The small holes allow water to flow into the system and through the downspouts unimpeded. The debris that is prevented from entering the eavestroughs typically rests on top of the gutter guards. Once dry, it later blows away much like leaves on a rooftop.

Can Birds and Other Creatures Nest Under Gutter Guards?

The short answer is: No. High-quality gutter guards are designed to create an enclosed system that prevents even pine needles from entering. They are also designed to ensure birds and other animals cannot make a nest inside. That’s another way gutter guards deliver added protection.

Can Mosquitoes and Biting Insects Breed Under Gutter Guards?

Insects typically seek direct contact with pooling water to lay larvae. Gutter guards create a barrier preventing the accumulation of debris that causes clogs and pooling water. Installing gutter guards can help minimize the number of pests on your property while improving your peaceful enjoyment.

Will Gutter Guards Affect How My Home Looks?

Gutter guards only attach to the top lip of the eavestroughs and seamlessly blend into the colour and style. As a result, they maintain your property’s curbside appeal and are virtually unnoticeable.

Will I Need New Gutters with the Guards?

Not necessarily. If your home or commercial building possesses a sturdy eavestrough system, they are usually good candidates for gutter guards. However, aging gutters with cracks and leaks are often not suitable. The need for new gutters also depends on the type of gutter guards you choose, as some can be directly installed over your existing system while others require new eavestroughs. If you are unsure about the condition of your eavestroughs, consider having them professionally cleaned and inspected.

Can I Install Gutter Guards Myself?

Home Service Solutions install industry-leading Alu-Rex gutter guards that come with a 360-lifetime warranty. To enjoy the benefits of this comprehensive warranty, home and commercial building owners must work with an authorized contractor. Although handy DIY property owners can install gutter guards, voided manufacturer warranties, the potential for damage and misalignment generally make professional installations more prudent.

Contact Home Service Solutions for Gutter Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance

Home Service Solutions works diligently with home and business owners to provide cost-effective results. Our experienced professionals conduct a thorough evaluation to determine whether gutter repair or replacement is appropriate. And our trained field teams also provide industry-leading gutter cleanings. If you have aging or problematic gutters, contact Home Service Solutions today.