An eavestrough on a home in Southwestern Ontario

FAQs About Eavestroughs

At Home Service Solutions, our valued Southwestern Ontario clients often ask us questions about eavestroughs and the role they play. The eavestroughs of any home or commercial building help protect the structure against water damage. That’s because your gutters are designed to ensure water has an unimpeded path from the roof and away from the foundation. We hope the answers to these frequently asked questions about eavestroughs prove helpful. 

When Should I Have My Gutters Cleaned?

Spring and fall are typically the best seasons to implement a thorough gutter cleaning. After a harsh Ontario winter, it’s not uncommon for late-falling leaves and pine needles to become caked inside your gutters. Likewise, we advise people to plan a gutter cleaning after trees have shed their autumn leaves. If you experience clogged gutters or downspouts at any time, contact a professional gutter cleaning service.

Can Improper Cleaning Damage Gutters?

The short answer is: Yes. There are several ways enthusiastic DIYers can inadvertently do damage. The most common way homeowners end up requiring gutter replacement involves bending and denting. By resting the weight of a ladder against the eavestroughs, they can buckle and crack. If you have outdated seamed gutters, leaks will likely occur during the next heavy rain.

Can I Hang Holiday Lights on My Gutters?

Although adding weight to the outer rim of gutters is not necessarily the best idea, there are ways to minimize the impact. Rather than use staples or secure lights with metal screws or nails, consider non-invasive ways to attach them. Water-resistant adhesive tapes or plastic clips are less likely to negatively impact your eavestrough system.

Should I Upgrade to Seamless Gutters?

Seamless gutters are a natural evolution of those connected. Sectional gutters are prone to separation from expanding ice and severe weather, among other things. When leaks are present, the water causes rotting fascia and moisture to accumulate against the foundation. These issues have been eliminated by seamless gutter products. If you have aging or leaking gutters, it’s advisable to upgrade to a quality seamless eavestrough.

How Can I Tell if My Downspouts are Working?

The purpose of downspouts is to efficiently move water from the gutters and safely away from the building. One way to tell if they are working at a high level is to get an umbrella and look at the water flow during a hard rain. If it’s gushing out, that’s a good sign. If the gutters are backed up and overflowing, your downspouts are clogged.

Another facet of downspouts involves moving water away from the foundation. If water is pooling near the structure, your downspouts are serving only half their purpose. It may be prudent to consider extenders or establishing a runoff system that transfers water to a drainage system.

When Should I Have My Eavestroughs Replaced?

Home and business owners can usually identify common telltale signs indicating gutters have exceeded their life expectancy. You likely require gutter replacement if you notice rust, excessive leaks, ice accumulations, water in the basement, stained siding, or the smell of mould coming from exterior walls or ceiling.

Contact Home Service Solutions for Gutter Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance

Home Service Solutions works diligently with home and business owners to provide cost-effective results. Our experienced professionals conduct a thorough evaluation to determine whether gutter repair or replacement is appropriate. And our trained field teams also provide industry-leading gutter cleanings. If you have aging or problematic gutters, contact Home Service Solutions today.